Through the lens x Dita

I’m really excited to share some news with you guys. I will be collaborating with Dita Eyewear and we will be hosting a giveaway. This collaboration means a lot to me, especially because you guys know my love for sunglasses. The giveaway will include one pair of Dita sunglasses of your choice from the pictures below.

How to enter the giveaway & rules:

  1. Follow @throughthelens604 & @ditaeyewear on instagram
  2. Follow my blog at
  3. Post one photo of you styling your favorite pair of sunglasses
  4. Hashtag #Ditalens on the post
  5. Your page must be public in order to view the post



Where do they come from?

The newest designs and styles of glasses have become outrages and bold. I was asking the questions, where do they come from? How are these designs created? Well after doing some research, I now have the answers. When looking into the origin of these designs, I found that everything across all channels and industries connect together at some point. What does that mean? Well let me explain further.

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New Must Haves!

You all know I like to take a break from sunglasses from time to time. I don’t want you all to get bored with me now. Today I want to talk about the newest accessories trends. As I was browsing online, I noticed that people are having fun with their accessories. I think we can say 2017 is the year of playfulness and experimentation.

Comment below on some of your latest must have accessories.

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Put Your Stunna Shades On

Ive always been into big statement glasses and they are my go-to style of shades. Although the small glasses are trending right now, big statement glasses are coming back into fashion (which I am really excited about).  Statement square frames have evolved with flared, angled and rectangle shapes.

Below are some of the latest unique sunglasses on the market.





New Color Alert

Ive recently been into color lately which is a big shocker. Im usually the all black everything type of girl especially when it comes to my wardrobe. Ive been wanting to switch it up a little and try something new!

I wanted to share the new color trends for 2019 from WGSN. These colors are not too bright and are perfect for a little pop of color. I hope this inspires some of you to play with color and experiment with your clothing and accessories. We all need to try something new and exciting so lets start now.

Comment below on some of the colors you’ve been loving lately!


Who am I?

This week I want to introduce something new to my blog which is….me! I want this to be a more personal blog post so you can all get to know a little about me. My name is Ariana Serrano and I am currently living in Tucson, AZ. I’m actually moving to Phoenix in a couple of months, which is something I am really excited about! I am attending the Art Institute for a bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing. This is why my blog revolves around fashion, accessories and the latest trends.

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Accessories Meets Technology

Today we are taking a break from sunglasses and talking about something else I love. Technology is now creeping its way into the fashion industry and our everyday necessities. No more rummaging through your purse to find all your belongings. This new gadget has everything you need in one device, now thats a major key!

ULT Key has designed a key chain that includes a garage door opener, digital clock, portable charger and a GPS tracking device that connects to their mobile app. This device comes in various styles and colors. We will be doing a fun new collaboration with ult key.

For more information on the FLEX x ULT KEY COLLAB, visit

Here are some images of what this accessory includes: